7 Time-Saving Travel To-Dos

Maybe it’s time to head down to the RV storage, fuel up the ol’ recreational vehicle and hit the open road. Or maybe it’s time to call Uber and get to the airport to catch your flight. Maybe it’s a short drive to the mountains for some camping. Or maybe a quick hike over to the water for some kayaking in the rapids. Whatever it is, you’re taking a trip and it’s time to get some money-saving tips to make things go as smooth (and enjoyable) as possible. These tips are aimed at all aspects of your trip: before, during and possibly even after.

  1. If you are planning a trip to a country you have never been to before, you may want to consult with a professional travel agent. They will be able to alert you to any special information you may need such as customs, weather patterns, and needed vaccinations.
  2. When traveling in developed nations, always assume your hands are contaminated. Don’t put your fingers in your mouth and avoid eating with your hands. Chances are good you’ve come into contact with hundreds of people and thousands of surfaces, any one of which could be carrying a disease that you aren’t prepared for.
  3. If you plan to travel for more than a weekend, inform your bosses two weeks prior to leaving so that they can find someone to cover your responsibilities beforehand. This way, you are not relying on someone who merely says they will cover for you and you have respectfully informed them the reasons of your absence.
  4. When booking your room on a cruise, always pay extra for a balcony. Having your own private balcony can be one of the best parts of a cruise. You’ll get great views, have a nice quiet place to relax, and you won’t have to worry about other people being around.
  5. There are lots and lots of cruise lines offering great cruise travel packages in the Caribbean. Some are more memorable than others, though: Consider a barefoot windjammer cruise as an exciting alternative to a more modern, conventional cruise ship. Visiting the islands of the Caribbean powered along by wind and the tides is more romantic than steaming around them on a massive cruise liner. FYI: Ever wanted to go to Cuba? You can book a Cuban cruise now!
  6. To avoid paying high airport prices for snacks and food, make sure to pack your own bag of treats before you leave home. Pretzels, crackers, trail mix and dried fruit, are all great airplane snack ideas. If you bring your own, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for snacks at the airport or on board the plane.
  7. If you plan to travel more than a few weeks, you will want to make sure you have paid up all your obligations prior to leaving. This will ensure that you do not come home to discontinued services. Travel lasting longer periods of time can result in reconnection fees when you return if not planned in advance.

Traveling to new places should be fun, not stressful. This advice will help take the worries out of your travel and let you have a great time.

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