Travel Advice for Oft Overlooked Items

Check out these quick and easy travel tips.

  • When traveling in foreign countries, beware of police officers who ask for your ID. Make sure you ask them for their ID to prove they’re actually a cop. Instead of showing them your real passport, show them a photocopy instead. You don’t want to risk a thief running off with your passport. Better safe than sorry, right?
  • If you’re going somewhere to ski the slopes or surf the waves, make sure you rent the right gear such as reputable skis and poles, or the right size surfboard with a specific surfboard fins Whether snow or water, using the correct gear makes a huge difference for enjoyment. In fact, if this is your first time out, Google search “snow skiing tips” or “how to set up surf board fins” so that you’ll be in a better position to combat whatever nature throws at you.
  • Look beyond the touristy souvenir shops. To find a souvenir that will remind you of your travels and actually comes from the place you visited, shop with the locals. In grocery stores, markets, and other stores that are off the beaten (tourist) path, you’ll find things that locals actually use instead of the mass-produced trinkets.
  • Bring your hotel business card with you when you are on your trip. If you end up getting lost, this will help you get directions from someone passing by or a taxi driver. This is useful for people that do not quite understand the language.
  • When going on a cruise, wear your room key around your neck, on a lanyard or similar item. Losing your room key on a cruise ship can cost you greatly, not only in money, but in lost time.
  • Airline travel does not have to break the bank. There are several ways to go on that vacation you want to and not pay too much for it. You can travel during off seasons and save quite a bit on destination travel.
  • Destination travel to popular locations does not have to be too expensive, even with larger families or travel partners. There are many destination guides that offer discounts on larger parties for travel, lodging, as well as dining and rental of vehicles while visiting.
  • An over-the-door shoe organizer is extremely helpful because you can put your toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush, aspirin and other items in it. If you have a clear organizer, you will be able to see where everything is at a glance.

Even the most seasoned traveler sometimes needs a little reminder about how to make the most of their time spent abroad. Keep these tips in mind to help lessen the stress and increase the fun.

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